Welcome to The Adventures and musings of a far-travelled Garbage Can Fill Up Phillip his girlfriend Reduceann and their friends

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Hello my name is Phillup Fillup and I am a well travelled garbage can. Not too big like those square ones you see behind malls. But not too small like you have in the house. Just the size you see on the street every day.
My wife ReduceAnne Recycle and I and our two mischevious little canlettes are travelling around in a big RV with our friends Trevor and Colleen.
If you want to read about how we met our book is on the amazon link below. Our wedding and honeymoon adventure book is called Adventures with Family and will be published soon
Hope you enjoy travelling with us.
Adventures of Phillup


You might be an artist who would like to introduce yourself and your work here or maybe you’re a business with a mission to describe.


Solstice fire

We watch the christmas parade. We listen to the solstice fireworks. Then we hear sirens outside our door. There is a fire about a mile away. We know its a mile because we walked to it the next day. Added a little excitement to the night Solstice fire


As we move around a lot you might want to contact us by email to mysticweaver2012@gmail.com