Solstice fire

We watch the christmas parade. We listen to the solstice fireworks. Then we hear sirens outside our door. There is a fire about a mile away. We know its a mile because we walked to it the next day. Added a little excitement to the night

Solstice fire

Canlettes meet Santa Claus

Took the canlettes to their first craft show yesterday. They did a really great job. They got to meet Santa and he said they were on the nice list. The yummy things in their stocking ├╣uuuuummmm. Now im hungry. I’m so hungry. Gotta check and see if the humans have anything new. Trevor just finished washing the cans so thats a good sign.

Canlettes talking to Santa

Imperial Sand Dunes

The canlettes have a new carriage thanks to our neighbours

Canlettes new carriage

We wanted to take them tobogganing at the sand dunes but we couldnt find a safe place this weekend

Thanksgiving weekend

The group of us went to thanksgiving dinner here at the park. Oh my we were so full when we were done. Our group was out in the pool room and it was so much quieter.
These are our friends from the rig behind us.


Sandi from behind us
Trevor he lives with us

About half the dessert table

The next day we tried to take the canlettes tobogganing on the Imperial Sand Dunes.

Billy made the canlettes this carrier

We got to the sand dunes and it was just too busy to toboggan. There were dune buggies everywhere!!!


We are settling in nicely at our winter base. The canlettes have started to explore. This is a great place. I will be adding a link to their website after the pictures.

Wow our view of the Colorado river and the park across it

Across the street. Isnt it beautiful?

Caging a snack from our new friends

Our new friend at the river

Wildlife down here can be a little scary

This recycle depot is hidden behind the fence, but it’s well used.

Riversedge rv resort check it out

Peanuts everywhere

Went out shopping for the first time this week. Went to an awesome store called The Peanut Patch. All kinds of nuts, preserves,ice cream and fudge. Coll wouldnt look at the fudge cause she says its the best ever and she’d spend all the grocery budget on it. Trevor got a big bag of peanuts. The canlettes are looking forward to tasting them.

Bench in front of the peanut patch
In front of peanut patch
The canlettes enjoying their treat

The store

The peanut patch order link

Canlettes movin in

Well the canlettes have recovered from the trip and are now exploring the site

Checking out the rig
Great climb tree

Taking a break
Across the street. Lots of dogs to play with

Tucson to Yuma

Travelling down the highway on the last leg of our journey this mountain comes in to view. Coll makes us roll down our windows so she can get pictures. The canlettes nearly got blown out the window. I know ReduceAnne’s eyelashes nearly blew off. However she got some pictures

Picacho peak
More picacho range

Coll said they hiked up one of the trails to the base of the peak. This is where she learned that scientists are wrong. Wooly bear cactus really does jump and attach its pods. She got covered and she swears she was at least a foot away. That was probably funny. You can check this park out for yourself here
Picacho Peak