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As I started to write this I realized I have been driven in life by three things. The need for change the need to be warm and the need to create. As a child I made clothes for paper dolls. Many many outfits. When I was a preteen I was stuck in hospital and drew the boquet of roses someone sent me. Then won my eighth grade art contest. Mom was so proud.

At this point and at great sacrifice she arranged for me to take oil painting classes from a local artist. Mrs Daylrymple. That’s all I know we weren’t allowed to use first names back then. A couple of those early pieces are still kicking around.

I continued to paint and got a place at fanshaw college in their school of design. My first semester was in the design aspect. Often wonder if I’d done fine arts first I’d have made it past Christmas. Hated it. Cannot be creative on demand or at least not on their demand.

Gave away the paints and became a welder because it was a warm job. Went to college and became a welding engineering technician. Moved on to become a quality specialist in system implementation. Still warm you’ll note.

Meanwhile at home with two young children and a Siberian husky someone gave me a paint by number set. Got that brush in my hand and it all came back. Invested in a set of gauche because it was cheap. Started back doing landscapes in the evenings. So many Christmas and birthday presents there were.

Discovered acrylics. Almost the same as oils but much less expensive no smell and bonus they dry really fast. Heaven in a tube.

Fast forward a few years the kids are grown mostly my career is doing fine then a car accident. Stuck lying on a couch all day and really start to produce those landscapes. Start becoming frustrated because I want better focal points such as animals or buildings. As I get better I discover a drawing class given by John Littlejohn. The wonders of the perspective grid are now mine.

People, animals can all be part of the paintings now and I really get going. Then woodburning and carving. Of course by now the family and friends are becoming a little overloaded so I start going to craft shows. Start making jewellery. Bad jewellery but jewellery. Do the craft shows for a couple of years then try the gallery scene in Milton. Open a little gallery of my own on weekends. Get a thing going painting people with their animal totems. Never make enough money to cover my expenses.

Time to retire. Move in to a fifth wheel and go where the weather suits my clothes. Winter in Arizona summers in Ontario for now. Paint people’s pets and the odd person. I have discovered water washable oils so I can once again use oils without stinking up the rig.

And now I’m getting in to books with my nephew. Have done a cover and a couple of poetry books. Illustration is again a change. A whole different style is needed for it. Learning again. Changing again. Hope you enjoy my gallery here.

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